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I. Challenges Requiring Collective Action Reading Class Slides Assignment
1.1 Introduction and Overview
1.2 Externalities and Bargaining
1.3 Property Rights
1.4 Public Goods and Collective Action
1.5 Efficiency and Justice
II. Constitutional Political Economy Reading Class Slides Assignment
2.1 Politics as Constraints
2.2 Beyond the Reach of Majorities
2.3 The Optimal Decision Rule
III. The Institutions of Representative Democracy Reading Class Slides Assignment
3.1 Voting I: Preference Aggregation & Cycling
3.2 Voting II: Ignorance and Irrationality
3.3 Voting III: Democracy Squared?
3.4 Interest Groups
3.5 Legislators
Midterm Exam due 8 PM Friday March 27
Transition to Online Courses (Please read)
3.6 Bureaucracy
3.7 The Rise of the Administrative State
3.8 Federalism
3.9 Exit, Voice, and Loyalty
IV. Applications, Proposals, and Insights Reading Class Slides Assignment
4.1 Is Our Politics Not ‘Corrupt’ Enough?
4.2 Preference Falsification
4.3 The Revolt of the Public
4.4 Taxation
4.5 Common Ownership Self-Assessed Tax
4.6 Universal Basic Income
4.7 Government Deficits & Debt
4.8 Some Economics of Covid-19
Policy Paper due Fri May 1
Final Exam due 8pm Fri May 8 by email